Project summary

The project The Contrastive Analysis of Romanian and Spanish Intonation. A Sociolinguistic Approach (SoRoEs) is meant to analyze the state of sociolinguistic research and methodology in Romanian and Spanish intonation. During the last few decades, the interest in describing and modeling intonation has steadily grown, both from a theoretical and an experimental perspective. With this research we aim to fill a gap in the recent literature about the intonation models in both languages, which has largely concentrated on the analysis of read data, by placing particular emphasis on the challenges posed by the analysis of spontaneous speech working with researchers with first-hand experience of most intonation methodology from different foreign universities (University of Oviedo, of Vigo and of Zurich). This research is an approach of sociolinguistic research and methodology in intonation. Although the variationism methodology has long been applied to the description of language variation, it seems that both languages intonation has not developed a very fruitful research. However, it is going through its first tentative stages in Spanish language: Moreno-Fernández 1998; Martín-Butragueño 2006,2011,2014; López-Bobo&Cuevas-Alonso 2014; and some in Romanian: Tiugan 1977, Panaite&Turculeţ 2011.

Although some previous studies, which attempted to explain the intonation from a sociolinguistic perspective, were based on such methodology, in some cases, the techniques used might have been not appropriate. In this context, an attempt at a wider, more comprehensive study seems relevant.